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Sponsor Us

While organizers do our best to provide free/low cost events, there are costs to cover the group's maintenance (monthly fees, marketing and other expenses add up to a substantial amount). In order to keep our events and membership free we're asking our members to suggest possible sponsors for our group.

Our group offers a great opportunity for local businesses that serve the local community to increase their visibility without hurting their budget. For a little support (that would help cover our monthly and other expenses) local businesses would be able to advertise as a proud sponsor of our community group and, most importantly, they will have a low-cost "targeted" advertisement as we will place the company logo and web site in the sponsorship areas of this and our meetup website (which currently has over 3,500 members).

On the top of these benefits, there are a number of additional opportunities to make the sponsorship even more effective: offering perks, discounts, specials, presentations, and more!

Please contact us for any questions/suggestions or sponsorship referrals.